Dealing with test fatigue

Here are the problems we raised in our last post and ways we deal with them.

working overtime - You can’t test tired. If you’re going to be working overtime for several hours, have a break. Take time away from the project and go out for dinner, like a second lunch. Adjust the workplace to your style, watch YouTube together and take frequent communal breaks.

delivery pressures - The more pressure the team is under, the more likely they are to make mistakes and the more you need to test. DON’T PANIC. The less time you have the more you need to get it right the first time.

thrashing - Make a task list of what needs doing and divvy up the work. Stop people from interrupting (think: cone of silence) by politely explaining the urgency of what you’re working on. Remember, prioritisation! It’s normally better to finish some things than to partially complete lots of them.

uninteresting work - Spice up boring work by trying it in a new way. Any technique will do, invent your own or try something from your favourite testing blog. You can make work fun.

mechanical work - Automate it, computers love repetitive tasks. Even if you dispose of it later, you’re saving time. Delegate it to the development team, they love repetitive tasks.

bad practices & disenfranchisement - Why are you doing this to yourself? Good testers are a rare breed. Other companies want you, we want you. If you can’t fix it, leave.

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