challenging assumptions

Many bugs can be prevented by challenging assumptions. Challenging the assumptions every one holds as well as paying attention to the seemingly small ones, will yield great results.

Small things can be the most dangerous as they tend to go unnoticed, then gang up on you. It’s more common for projects to get overwhelmed by a build up of small things. The devil’s in the detail.

To find assumptions, listen to the way people speak. Assumptions can found in sentences that contain:

Doesn’t make sense is a favourite. This planet is filled with humans who do many things that make more money than sense.

An Example!

Consider the following story:

As a customer
I want to know the average activity
So that I can compare this month’s activity against the average

Sounds simple… but if you look a little deeper:

Remember, the most hidden assumptions are those you yourself hold. As a tester, you need to challenge yourself and question everything.

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